Kontakt: GmbH
Chamerstrasse 34
6300 Zug
079 70 70 417

English summary about Motorboat Schwan

Motorboat Schwan is a little boat for groups. We can have 50 persons on board. For an apero cruise we recommand about 24-40 persons.

The boat was bulid in Hamburg and came on lake ageri in 1923. This is a small lake near Zug. Then the boat was in action on lake Thun and lake Brienz and came back to Zug in 2005. Since 2013 " GmbH" is reponsable for the boat.

More Informations about the boat

You can rent the boat all year. We have radiators for cold times. So its possible to do for example a little roundtrip with hot wine on board in advent. There are a lot of possibilities in spring, summer, autumn and winter for enterprices, families, mariage or maybe an excursion on mount Rigi?

On the main deck cabin there are 6 tables and 24 chairs with a little bar. You can also use the bar as an apero table. In the romantic little cabin there are 10 seating. And in the rear we have about 8-10 outdoor places.

Electricity, sockets on board also a toilet.

Our prices (includes taxes and crew)

1,0 hour        CHF   800
1,5 hours      CHF 1'020
2,0 hours      CHF 1'240
2,5 hours      CHF 1'460
3,0 hours      CHF 1'680
3,5 hours      CHF 1'900
4,0 hours      CHF 2'100
every 30 minutes more CHF 200

empty running to or from Oberwil, Cham, Buonas, Risch and Baumgarten CHF 120
empty running to or from Lothenbach, Walchwil and Immensee CHF 180
empty running to or from arth CHF 240

standing time every 15 minutes CHF 50/ an hour CHF 200

Snacks and aperetif

There is no kitchen on the boat. We can offer cold and warm drinks on board. For aperetif and snacks warm and cold, please contact us, there are a lot of possibilities we offer together with our catering partner.



short information

length: 17,23 meters
width: 3,60 meters 
maximum admission: 45 persons
seats available: 24 cabin, 10 little cabin, 8-10 outside

sideview (PDF)

bird's-eye view (PDF)